Rainbow Fashion Week Community Empowerment Honoree:
Coach Annette Brent is a Certified Transformation Coach serving the LGBT community. Her coaching programs have helped people who feel trapped by their pain from relationships, grief, anger and fear – just to name a few.
Welcome to The Transformation Corner. ™ Transformation – just what is the meaning of that word? To change, to adapt, to grow…it has a very broad definition. Some transformations can feel paralyzing! You may even think you have regressed!
Every thought that pops up in your head doesn't deserve your full attention. All of our thoughts are not coming from a place of positivity. For instance – take this moment now. The nature of your thoughts might be colored by whether you've had a good day or a bad day.
Welcome to The Transformation Corner. ™

I invite you to consider that you and I have crossed paths in this moment for a reason. Are you in the middle of a transition right now? Are you finding it hard to move on? Have you experienced some loss in your life that you can't seem to bounce back from? Are you stuck in a cycle of emotional turmoil that is preventing you from focusing and living a productive life? Are you in a period of crisis with your lover, your family, your business or YOURSELF? No matter what the source of that turmoil is about - it all circles back to the Relationship you have with self!

When you transform that one - everything else around you has a better opportunity to improve. Transformation happens when we shift the the way we relate to our history, our experience of the present or our belief of what will happen in the future. I believe that self-love and compassion are often the missing ingredients to a successful transformation. Breaking the habit of self-criticism and shame can yield powerful results in your life and in helping your shift out of shame, anger and so many other toxic emotions that simply perpetuate the cycle of pain and hampers productivity.

Wherever you are at in your life, if you want to be someplace else together we can map out a plan of action. But before we jump into action, together we will create a place for conversation and increased awareness. I don't want you to just feel better and resume your life as before. It is my hope that together we design a life that feels authentically you. I won't judge you. I won't condemn you. I will just be right there with my handy set of tools to empower you to see your worth and assist you to find your own Divine Path again. We all have one. We lose it but it never loses us. It's always there...waiting for us to return to that powerful relationship of Oneness again. Where Stuff Gets Done! Where you KNOW this is YOUR life and are glad to claim it ALL. Let's discuss how I can help you get back to where you want to be...where you belong.

Schedule a FREE 30 min. Self-Discovery Session with me. What better way to experience Coaching with me than a test drive? I invite you to get behind the wheel of your life again.

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